Filtergrade Lightroom Presets

I have recently teamed up with Filtergrade to create 10 of my own unique lightroom presets using some of my favourite travel photos. I’m hoping for these presets to help you create more playful, bright and colourful images. If you are using Lightroom, or new to using it to edit your images, I guarantee these filters will help assist you in enhancing your images – or even just to get you started on your editing process.

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My image editing process:

1. Firstly I upload and edit my images through Lightroom, experimenting with all the tools until I am completely satisfied.

2. I then do a little editing through Photoshop to remove any unwanted spots or marks to create that clean looking finish.

3. Once edited in Lightroom & Photoshop I transfer the image to my phone through airdrop.

4. Once transferred to my phone I apply a small VSCO cam filter before making final touches through the Instagram editing tools.