Hi there! I’m a 24 year old from Australia, and am writing this blog to share with you my journey on the road. For the past 2 years my boyfriend Kyle and I have traveled all over Europe in old converted camper van. We have some amazing memories and epic experiences which I am capturing and sharing as I go along. For years now I’ve grown a strong passion for creative imagery, inspired by the travel & world around me. I hope to let my photos do the talking more so than me,Β inspiring and motivating those who crave a life of travel.

Currently living in Ios, Greece.

Hayls x



31 thoughts on “About

  1. Rachel

    I totally understand. I live in Malaga so I know how tough it is to get wifi while on the move…I’ll keep a look out for the blog post whenever you get around to doing it!

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  2. Kiki

    I love ur Instagram gallery and even more this blog! Really great work so far!! Looking forward to follow ur adventures!!:-)
    What kind of camera are u using?? The quality is soooo amazing;-)
    Cheers Kiki


  3. Chloe

    So impressed by your Instagram and blog, I’m off to Spain and Portugal for 3.5 weeks from Christmas Day and your photos have helped me plan some extra treats! Keep enjoying your adventure! Xx

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  4. Chloe

    Planning is still underway (last minute and as we go is the way we do things) flying into Madrid some day trips around to Toledo and Salamanca then to Barcelona for New Years. Then hopefully can work our way up north for San SebastiΓ‘n (the idea of the amusement park has me that excited) then some cycling in the north around Bilbao and across to Santiago de compostela. Down through Portugal unsure where to head other then visiting a friend in Lisbon then definitely time around Seville (now Ronda aswell from your incredible pics and review and Granada). That’s a very basic plan and we will see how we go especially with the weather (hoping it isn’t too chilly!) Can’t wait! X


  5. Rachel

    when you’re in the south of Spain you should visit Tarifa, its a cool little town on the coast, loads of great cycle & walking routes & the beaches are amazing, everyone who visits loves it here!!! Ps your trip sounds like it’s gonna be awesome


  6. T

    Hello, I was just wondering if you’ve always had the Canon 5D or if you could reckon an alternative as I’m going travelling myself and need a good camera but that is so pricey.


    • haylsaway

      Hey! Yes all my travel photos have been taken with my 5d.. most standard cameras will take a decent photo though so don’t stress. Just do a bit of research before purchasing 😊


  7. Dreamer Achiever

    I found your blog from discover too! I fell in love with it and your Instagram, you have created a lot of excellent content. You guys seem to live my dream life. May I ask did you at first safe money for traveling or are you working on the go? I’m only an year younger than you and it would be a dream come true experience to travel for couple year! πŸ™‚


  8. Faustine

    Hello! I would like to know what work you do when you are on the go, and what studies you’ve done.
    Sincerely I think that your pics are gorgeous, so inspiring, and motivating for live my dream life
    So, I’m trying to know how I can spend my life travelling as you do, and if it’s compatible with my passion for art
    Thank you for sharing son much inspiration and positivity
    (And sorry for my bad english πŸ˜‰)


  9. Normand Moreau

    I have a question, rv insurance, do you have a contact? I plan to visit europe for 6 months with my rv (dodge promaster ) I am Canadian.
    Normand (normoro@hotmail.com)


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