Take a walk through the wonders of Plitvice and Krka National Park.

Ever wondered what it was like to step into a place that was almost like the fairytales you used to believe in when you were young? The beauty in the National Parks of Croatia will have your imagination running wild. So unbelievably picturesque you sometimes wonder if it is a marvel of the natural world or man made to perfection.

Both Plitvice and Krka National Park can be extremely over crowded in the Summer time, which can sometimes ruin the experience entirely – and as selfish as this sounds, I can not stand the thought of having to share a National Park with hundreds of people who are complete strangers to me. So if you’re anything like me, never visit in the middle of the day (unless that is the only time possible for you to visit). We will always visit a National Park either bright and early (and I mean right after sunrise) or in the late afternoon when all the families and children aren’t around. Also if you’re interested in getting that one off shot these times are your best bet! Thats how I have managed to get minimal people in most of my photos šŸ˜‹.

The day we visited Plitvice we were with our good friends Naomi and Jared, and definitely didn’t expect them to get up at the crack of dawn with us – so instead we ended up arriving in between those dreaded family packed, and slow moving crowded hours. The first kilometre we were pretty much walking in a line, but towards the end of the day everyone started peeling off and we had a few quiet hours which were perfect to get in those snaps. Capturing the park was beyond a dream, with constant flowing cascades and waterfalls, cute little wooden pathways the whole way, and that translucent greeny turquoise water. If you plan on walking the whole park I suggest you pack lunch because its an all day thing šŸ˜ŠšŸ“. There is a picnic area about half way through where you can park up and snack on some sangas. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, or romantic (depending on the type of holiday you are taking), take a ride in a row boat that is for hire throughout the park. Just imagine, you and someone you love, reliving that oh so romantic scene out of the notebook when Allie and Noah are rowing through all those swans.. (Not that there are any swans, but you could always pretend šŸ˜‰). Like I said, these places have your imagination running wild!

Krka National Park is also beauty beyond words, and is home to one of the most extravegent waterfalls I have ever seen. I first remember seeing a photo of this waterfall from my all time favourite blogger Gary Pepper, who first inspired me to live a life full of travel. I still vividly remember seeing a photo of her in front of these falls and thinking to myself “that will be me one day”, and through my severe determination I made it all happen! When we first arrived at the waterfall it was late afternoon and the crowds were still swarming. The photo you can see of me is right after the sun had gone down, and everyone started to get cold and scamper off, and I was able to capture that magical moment of almost having the whole waterfall to ourselves. That moment, when most human activity has disappeared and nature is intimately present through site and sound, is when I’m truly touched by the beauty of it all. Theres nothing more soothing than the sound of nature šŸŒæ ā™«.

If you have been reading my blog and have any thoughts I would love to hear some feedback! I still feel like I am totally out of my depths with this whole writing side of things. If you would like me to add any more tips on travel or photography throughout my blog please let me know – as I am always looking to improve and to further reach out to my amazing followers šŸ’™.

Hayls x


1-10: Plitvice, 11-13: Krka

11 thoughts on “Take a walk through the wonders of Plitvice and Krka National Park.

  1. rebeccajanehall

    Beautiful blog, I cam across this from the Watergate Hotel Facebook post, where my cousin is getting married next year! Your photos are stunning and I can’t wait for more posts! I started out a couple of months ago as i travel with my job and thought it would be nice to document it, i feel out of my depths too but just do it for the love of writing and attempted photography…hoping to inspire some people maybe! Thank you for sharing your journey x

    Liked by 1 person

    • haylsaway

      Aw thank you! So kind šŸ˜Š Watergate hotel is such a great wedding location. I know how you feel, my biggest struggle is the writing side. Hard not to doubt yourself and compare yourself to others. But ultimately that not the best way to think I guess! I’m just happy I have inspired others and have had such wonderful feedback. Makes all the difference. Will definitely check out your blog šŸ˜€ I’m sure it’s fabulous xx

      Liked by 1 person

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